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[texts]New initiatives in public/private contracting under the build-operate-transfer model. - Armes, Michael W.
AD-A314 353
Downloads: 60
[texts]ERIC ED295739: Weaning Foods. - ERIC
Described in this issue of "Children in the Tropics" are handicraft, semi-industrial, and industrial projects which produce weaning foods in developing countries. The introductory section briefly discusses the global epidemiology of malnutrition and offers guidelines for combatting malnutrition. Chapter I provides a framework for reflection on the establishment of a workshop for the production of a weaning food, and discusses the decision to produce such food at a semi-handicraft level as part o...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Children; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Nutrition
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[movies]Ecuador's Debt Audit: Implications in the Global Economic Crisis
Presentation on Ecuador's audit of the nation's debt by Maria Elsa Viteri, Ecuadorian Minister of Economy of Finance, sponsored by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, December 11, 2008.
Keywords: Ecuador; Latin America; third world debt; developing nations debt
Downloads: 253
[texts]ERIC ED368590: Educating about Development: Lessons Learned. Development Education Annual 1989. Volume One. - ERIC
This document was created to serve as a major networking tool of the National Clearinghouse on Development Education (NCoDE). The purpose of the document is to share state of the art practices and common concerns among the expanding development education community. Among the items in the publication is an interview with Elizabeth Hogan, coordinator of the USAID Biden-Pell program. There is also an interview with U.S...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Foreign Policy; International Relations; Needs Assessment; Program Evaluation
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED379169: Learning by Performing Arts: From Indigenous to Endogenous Cultural Development. CESO Paperback No. 16. - ERIC
This document explores, from a Dutch perspective, the role of the performing arts in education in developing nations. In particular, the analysis focuses on Zambia. Introductory sections of the report touch on the connections among culture, education, and performance, as well as the role of avant-garde and popular theater, the theme of alienation, and the anthropology of theater. A historical section addresses the use of theater in development communication, popular theater and social change, th...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Development Communication; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Indigenous Populations; International Education; Theater Arts
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED352278: Seminar on African Perspectives and Issues on Peace Education and Action in Africa: A Report from a Seminar Held in Conjunction with the Meeting of the Adult Education Association of Zambia (Lusaka, Zambia, October 3-7, 1988). - ERIC
This report presents the proceedings of a seminar that brought together almost 30 intellectuals, artists, and development activists from eight African countries and Canada to identify the obstacles to peace in Africa and develop strategies to overcome them. One of the other purposes of the seminar was to develop elements of curriculum and instructional materials for peace education and action plans for selected target groups of adults and other special groups...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; International Education; International Educational Exchange; Peace; Social Change
Downloads: 2
[movies]Why Factories Shutdown Part 6 - CARBIDE.TV
PART 6 of 10   SUBSCRIBE FOR NOTICENOT JUST THE FACTORY, THE HISTORY ALSO VANISHES! WHY?A look at the decisions made to shutdown a factory. It takes an in depth look at how globalization benefits developing nations while it destroys the domestic market. This documentary will give you a better understanding of the decisions made in the boardroom, and the lives of the people affected. This is Part 6 of a 10 Part Docu-SeriesWatch Part 1 Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhQC5iV9XKoWatch Part 2...
Keywords: why factories shutdown; carbide.tv; arms race; military contractors; weapons deal; developing nations buying arms
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED257413: Development Communication Report, Winter 1985, No. 48. - ERIC
This newsletter discusses development projects in developing nations, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Peru. The following major articles are included: (1) "Radio Santa Maria: A Case Study of Participatory Evaluation" (John K. Mayo, Charles B. Green, and Miguel E. Vargas); (2) "Instruction by Audio Conference: An Alaskan Example" (Coppie Green); (3) "Spreading Good Ideas: Adapting Illustrated Materials" (Joan Haffey and Ann Jimerson); (4) "Interactive Radio in the Classroom: Ten Ye...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audiovisual Aids; Developing Nations; Educational Radio; Health Education; Instructional Materials; Rural Development; Telecommunications
[texts]ERIC ED258189: A Content Analysis of Foreign Correspondent Reports from Nicaragua and El Salvador. - ERIC
Critics of international news flow characteristics have charged that news is biased toward the interests of the developed world and against the developing world, thereby giving an unrepresentative image of their countries to the United States reader. A study was conducted to examine the output and presentation of reports by foreign correspondents in Nicaragua and El Salvador, both those working for transnational news agencies and those working for specific newspapers, in one month each of the "N...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bias; Content Analysis; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Journalism; Media Research; News Reporting; Newspapers
[texts]ERIC ED309042: Cultivo y Manejo de Estanques Pesqueros de Agua Fresca (Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management). Appropriate Technologies for Development. Manual M-1D. - ERIC
This is the Spanish translation of a "how-to" manual, designed as a working and teaching tool for extension agents as they establish and/or maintain local fish pond operations. The manual presents information to facilitate technology transfer and to provide a clear guide for warm water fish pond construction and management. Major topic areas considered include: (1) selecting the site and type of fish farm; (2) selecting the appropriate fish; (3) constructing, preparing, managing, and harvesting ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agricultural Production; Design Requirements; Developing Nations; Fisheries; Fishes; Ichthyology; Postsecondary Education; Technology Transfer
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED256263: Philippine Higher Education: Expansion in the Public Sector. Higher Education Series Topical Paper 8501. - ERIC
The Philippines has modeled its higher education system almost totally upon the American model, with similarities in organization, degrees, curricula, teaching methods, governance, and faculty roles. The University of the Philippines was established in 1908, and between 1901 and 1926, eight regional normal schools were established to train public school teachers. In 1949 the Philippine Normal College became a four-year institution and began to grant bachelors' degrees...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Educational History; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Mergers; Private Colleges; State Colleges
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED309041: Culture et Gestion d'Etangs a Poissons d'Eau Douce (Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management). Appropriate Technologies for Development. Manual Series--M37. - ERIC
This is the French translation of a "how-to" manual, designed as a working and teaching tool for extension agents as they establish and/or maintain local fish pond operations. The manual presents information to facilitate technology transfer and to provide a clear guide for warm water fish pond construction and management. Major topic areas considered include: (1) selecting the site and type of fish farm; (2) selecting the appropriate fish; (3) constructing, preparing, managing, and harvesting t...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agricultural Production; Design Requirements; Developing Nations; Fisheries; Fishes; Ichthyology; Postsecondary Education; Technology Transfer
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED297179: How the Dollar's Value Affects U.S. Farm Exports to Developing Countries. Foreign Agricultural Economic Report Number 237. - ERIC
United States exports may not necessarily increase when the dollar falls on the world market. Conventional thinking is that a weaker dollar means more demand for U.S. products because they become less expensive than goods from countries with stronger currencies. However, developing countries whose export revenues are denominated in the weakening dollar can lose income because the weaker dollars they earn on their exported goods buy less on the world market...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agricultural Production; Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Economics; Exports; International Trade; Monetary Systems
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED294887: Evaluations of Botswana National Literacy Program: The Politics of Renovation and Control. - ERIC
Evaluations of the Botswana National Literacy Program (BNLP) are reviewed, with emphasis on one internal and one external evaluation. The BNLP may be one of the most extensively evaluated national literacy programs ever conducted, with a program staff intensively trained in evaluation. One lesson of the repeated evaluations of the BNLP is that a point comes when evaluation may use resources needed for program implementation...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Evaluation Methods; Literacy; National Programs; Politics; Program Evaluation
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED283934: Education, Income, and Equality. - ERIC
Educational development in a country should reliably predict the level of wealth and its distribution. Undeveloped societies tend to have highly inegalitarian distribution functions. The development process accelerates this tendency by rewarding wealthy segments of the population that are in a position to invest in the growing economy. Finally, in advanced stages of development, bureaucratic and political structures may reach a point where egalitarian changes in the distributive process can be e...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Comparative Analysis; Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Economic Development; Economically Disadvantaged; Educational Development; Income
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED288778: Information Networking in Population Education. - ERIC
The rapidly increasing body of knowledge in population education has created the need for systematic and effective information services. Information networking entails sharing resources so that the information needs of all network participants are met. The goals of this manual are to: (1) instill in population education specialists a more favorable attitude toward the use of information; (2) illustrate how information networking facilitates the flow and use of information; and (3) provide guidel...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Information Dissemination; Information Networks; Organizational Development; Population Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED290946: World Indices of Agricultural and Food Production, 1977-86. Statistical Bulletin Number 759. - ERIC
World food production reached a record high in 1986, exceeding 1985's record by about 1 percent, despite declining food output in Latin America, the United States, Western Europe, and Oceania. World food production generally increased faster than population from 1977 to 1986. Production of agricultural commodities increased at an annual compound rate of about 2.3 percent, but only 0.7 percent on a per capita basis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agricultural Production; Cost Indexes; Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Food; Foreign Countries
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED282813: Long-Term Impact of Famine: Enduring Disasters and Opportunities for Progress. Staff Report No. AGES870212. - ERIC
Throughout history, famine has been linked to many of the most severe crises of humanity. Even with millenary of collective experience, the reaction of the world community to the an intense food crises fails to address the long-term impacts of famine. As governments and populations strive to cope with famine, many long-term changes take place in those nations suffering from famine. The scale of these changes ranges from microeconomic to macroeconomic changes and include social and political chan...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agriculture; Developing Nations; Hunger; Nutrition; Social Sciences; World Problems
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED260994: Famine in Africa. Hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations. United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth Congress, First Session. - ERIC
The Committee on Foreign Relations met to hear testimony regarding the immediate crisis and the underlying causes of famine in Africa. To address this problem President Reagan had proposed a supplemental request for African assistance in food, transportation, and support. Those testifying were asked to address the efforts that the United States has made in the past and should continue to make to bring about substantial policy reforms in order to achieve greater food production and distribution i...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Hunger; International Cooperation; International Relations; United States History; World Problems
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED332078: Serving the Future: An Update on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programs in Developing Countries. - ERIC
This survey analyzed the nature and level of services in adolescent pregnancy prevention in the developing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. While focusing on programs to prevent adolescent pregnancy, many of the groups surveyed were also responding to the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic in their work with youth. The majority of the organizations also provided services to youth beyond reproductive health, such as tutoring and scholarships, income generation and vo...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Contraception; Developing Nations; Family Planning; Foreign Countries; Pregnancy; Prevention; Sex Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED338812: Cuerpo de Paz Manual de Sistema de Programacion y Capacitacion (Peace Corps Programming and Training System Manual): T0063. - ERIC
This Spanish version of the Peace Corps Programming and Training System Manual is designed to help field staff members of the Peace Corps train volunteers. Its task descriptions, guidelines, examples, and definitions are intended to be practical and informative rather than restrictive. The manual is divided into six major sections: (1) introduction; (2) getting started; (3) assessing the country program; (4) planning and managing a project; (5) training; and (6) monitoring and evaluation...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Postsecondary Education; Program Administration; Program Development; Spanish; Volunteer Training; Volunteers
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED291631: Preparing for Travel in India. - ERIC
The complexity of the Indian society can be overwhelming, and preparation for travel in India requires careful and detailed advance planning. Practical suggestions are provided for travelers to help them understand cultural differences, avoid illnesses, and select appropriate clothing for the intense heat. Explanations are given about the monetary system, exchange rates, accommodations, tipping, and kinds of food, as well as guidelines for meeting and interacting with the Indian people...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Buddhism; Caste; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Islamic Culture; Rail Transportation; Tourism
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED310483: Administrative Reform and the Egyptian Ministry of Education. - ERIC
The difference between developed and less developed countries chiefly resides in the effectiveness of their administrative systems. This study attempts to identify and analyze the organizational constraints acting upon and within the Egyptian Ministry of Education that deter its capacity for administrative reform. Critical management processes are examined, such as policy formation, promotion procedures, planning, resource distribution, and local level decision-making...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Organization; Developing Nations; Educational Change; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Leadership Responsibility
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED318841: Report on the United Nations World Assembly on Aging. Based on a Follow-Up Conference (Tampa, Florida, December 7, 1983). - ERIC
This document reports the proceedings of a United Nations World Assembly on Aging follow-up conference. Presented are the following: "International Exchange Center on Gerontology: The Organization and Its Mission"; "Preface" (Sheppard); "Welcoming Telegram" (Shuman); "Overview of the World Assembly on Aging" (McDonald); "The Aging World" (Oriol); "The International Action Plan on Aging" (McDonald); "The World Assembly's Action Plan on Aging" (Oriol); "United Nations Response to the World Assembl...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aging (Individuals); Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Gerontology; Older Adults; Planning
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED242565: Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management. Appropriate Technologies for Development. Manual M-1B. - ERIC
This "how to" manual, designed as a working and teaching tool for extension agents as they establish and/or maintain local fish pond operations, presents information to facilitate technology transfer and to provide a clear guide for warm water fish pond construction and management. Major topic areas considered include: (1) selecting the site and type of fish farm; (2) selecting the appropriate fish; (3) constructing, preparing, managing, and harvesting the pond; (4) preserving fish; (5) problems...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agricultural Production; Design Requirements; Developing Nations; Fisheries; Fishes; Ichthyology; Postsecondary Education; Technology Transfer
[texts]ERIC ED356153: Regional Seminar on Community Support for Education and Participation in Educational Management (Bali, Indonesia, October 30-November 4, 1989). Report. - ERIC
In recent years issues concerning community support for education and participation in educational management have come to the fore in developing Asian and Pacific countries. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCO/PROAP) has organized regional training seminars concerning educational planning and management at the systems, micro-, and institutional levels...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Community Involvement; Community Support; Developing Nations; Educational Administration; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED221002: International Symposium on Services for Young Disabled Children, Their Parents, and Families. Proceedings: Discussions and Implications for Future Activities (Washington, D.C., December 6-11, 1981). - ERIC
The document reports on a symposium, sponsored by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization), designed to develop strategies for improving educational, health, and social service to handicapped children and their families, particularly in developing nations. Section 1 is an overview of the background and organization of the symposium. Section 2 offers summaries of opening remarks and of the discussions of four topics: (1) identification, screening, assessment, and ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Delivery Systems; Developing Nations; Disabilities; Early Childhood Education; Health Services; Social Services
[texts]ERIC ED302873: Decentralization and Regionalization in Educational Administration: Comparisons of Venezuela, Colombia and Spain. - ERIC
A nation's transition from dictatorship to democracy generally involves institutional reform attempts with new priorities serving a wider range of people and goals. This study describes and compares the goals, means, and outcomes of administrative reforms in the public educational systems of three Hispanic nations (Venezuela, Colombia, and Spain). All three countries executed decentralization and regionalization reform strategies with common characteristics that either facilitated or detracted f...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Organization; Cooperation; Decentralization; Democracy; Developing Nations; Educational Change; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED291613: The World Bank's Lending Approaches: A Special World Bank News Report. - ERIC
The World Bank, operating in a complex, diverse, and changing environment, provides financial advice and support to developing nations that range from macro-economic management to project design. Major changes in management systems have occurred during the 1980s and are reflected in the bank's assistance in: (1) analytical support of policy implementation; (2) mobilization and coordination of external resources; and (3) lending and institutional support...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Banking; Developing Nations; Economic Development; Economics; Financial Support; Investment
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED222775: Campaigning for Literacy. Courier No. 25. - ERIC
This issue contains those materials from a seminar on "Campaigning for Literacy" held at Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, on January 4-11, 1982, that concentrate on Asian experience. The "Udaipur Literacy Declaration," presented first, is followed by extracts from the opening addresses and a review of the report, "Campaigning for Literacy," by H.S. Bhola. The next section contains extracts with particular relevance to the Asian region from the Bhola report, which is an indepth study of eight national ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Education; Adult Literacy; Adult Programs; Developing Nations; Literacy Education; Mass Instruction; National Programs
[texts]ERIC ED362037: How Not To Embark on a Bilingual Education Policy in a Developing Country: The Case of Nigeria. - ERIC
This paper traces the origin and development of bilingual education in Nigeria. Necessary facilities for a successful implementation of a bilingual education policy in a developing country such as Nigeria are discussed. The paper argues that, although there was a genuine need for Nigeria to embark on a bilingual education policy in the first place, the policy was, however, too ambitious and unrealistic...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bilingual Education; Case Studies; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Language Planning; Policy Formation; Public Policy
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED211034: Some Issues in Information Transfer: A Third World Development Perspective. - ERIC
One of the many problems of developing nations is the scarcity of the information required for development planning, its concomitant abundance in more developed nations, and the lack of a truly viable infrastructure to achieve its economic transfer. Political and administrative structures must be created that are responsive to the new scales of social demands and a comprehensive and coherent system of rules must be established which will match and limit demands to available limited resources, as...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Information Dissemination; Information Systems; Planning; Program Development; Technology Transfer; Transfer Policy
[texts]ERIC ED285575: Satellites for Education and Training. IET Paper No. 258. Report on Visit to India, November 28-December 13, 1986. - ERIC
A visit to India to gather information on the INSAT-1B satellite project for the purpose of identifying the main issues involved in using satellites for education and teaching purposes, with respect to potential Open University of Great Britain involvement is outlined in this report. Organizations visited and individuals interviewed are identified, and a 33-item list of documentation on the Indian satellite experience collected during the visit or through desk research is provided...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communications Satellites; Developing Nations; Educational Television; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Information Sources; National Programs
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED294225: How Third World Journalists View Their Role in the National Development Process: A Philippine Case Study. - ERIC
Addressing issues of the provincial journalist's role in developing countries, a study interviewed 54 journalists throughout the Philippines during the height of the Philippine Revolution. In unstructured interviews, journalists were asked about their own views on what the role of the press in national development should be, as well as questions regarding their own class origins, allegiances, and opinions about the Philippine Development Communication model...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Case Studies; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Journalism; National Programs; Newspapers; Press Opinion
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED243688: A Training Manual in Conducting a Workshop in the Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Hydrams. - ERIC
This manual presents a comprehensive training design, suggested procedures, and materials for conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of hydrams, and in the planning and implementation of hydram projects. Hydrams (hydraulic rams, hydraulic ram pumps, automatic hydraulic ram pumps, rams) are devices that use the force of water falling through a drive pipe to pump water to a height greater than its source, making use of hydraulic principles and requiri...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Construction (Process); Developing Nations; Postsecondary Education; Skill Development; Training Methods; Training Objectives; Water; Workshops
Downloads: 1
[movies]MIT SP.723 D-Lab: Disseminating Innovations for the Common Good, Spring 2007 - MIT OpenCourseWare
D-Lab III is the third in the trilogy of D-Lab courses, D-Lab III focuses on disseminating innovations among underserved communities, especially in developing countries. Students acquire skills related to building partnerships and piloting, financing, implementing, and scaling-up a selected innovation for the common good. The course is structured around MIT and outside competitions. Teams develop an idea, project or (social) business plan that is "ready to roll" by term's end...
Keywords: development; innovation; technology implementation; third world; developing nations; social business plan; project development; poverty; hygiene; health
Downloads: 137
[texts]ERIC ED219321: Non-Effective National Territory: A Characteristic of Third World States. - ERIC
In an effort to improve understanding and to provide better solutions to the world's political problems, this paper examines national territory or states in terms of their functional processes and their spatial structures. Examples from Third World states are provided. The author first presents a model of political territory. It has a boundary incorporating a state's legally defined political territory...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Human Geography; Physical Divisions (Geographic); Physical Geography; Political Divisions (Geographic); Political Issues
[texts]ERIC ED269343: Educational Developmentalism in Nigeria: Education for the Masses or Just Mass Education? - ERIC
A free and pluralistic society is maintained by constitutional guarantees and an educated populace. Nigeria, like other nations in West Africa, spent billions of dollars and embarked on a program of mass educational improvement in the 1960's and 1970's. While secondary school enrollment increased eleven times between 1962 and 1975, over half the candidates on the West African Examinations Council secondary test failed...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Comparative Education; Developing Nations; Educational Change; Educational Demand; Educational Policy; Equal Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED219293: U.S. Trade with the Third World: The American Stake. Occasional Paper 28. - ERIC
This essay examines the various economic effects of U.S. trade with developing nations to determine whether or not such trade is in the U.S. interest. Expansion of trade with the Third World is very much in keeping with the Reagan administration's economic goals. It stems from the conviction that solution to the problems of poverty and insufficient economic development is to be found in the magic of the market place...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Economic Change; Economic Factors; Futures (of Society)
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED305324: World Population in Transition. - ERIC
This issue discusses world population trends and their implications for more and less developed countries. There have been two periods of major population expansion since 1750 with the first lasting almost 200 years and the second surge occurring after World War II. Growth rates in industrialized countries are now very low with fertility below replacement levels. High growth rates persist in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Latin America and South Asia, but indications exist that these regions wi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Birth Rate; Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Living Standards; Population Growth; Population Trends; World Problems
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED359121: A Study on Indian Destitutes: Aspects of the Lives of Destitute Children and Women in Orissa, India. Reprints and Miniprints No. 759. - ERIC
There are many reasons for the large number of abandoned children in India. The children can be unwanted (mostly girls), illegitimate, or orphans due to diseases. The children have to be taken care of one way or the other. This study shows that there are different solutions to this problem, including orphanages both government and nongovernmental. Not all orphaned or abandoned children live in orphanages; many live in the streets...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Children; Developing Nations; Females; Foreign Countries; International Programs; Poverty; Social Science Research
Downloads: 12
[texts]ERIC ED366540: Functional Curriculum Development: A Means of Retaining Nomadic Fulbe Cultural Identity. Contribution of Education to Cultural Development. - ERIC
To develop a functional curriculum for Nigeria's nomadic Fulbe tribespeople it is necessary to understand the cultural setting. The myths of the Fulbe, such as the story of herdsman Sile Sajo's encounter with the deity Kumen, provide insight into the culture. The story reflects the society's agricultural base, identifies personal characteristics which the culture prizes, and provides insight into the Fulbe moral code...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Curriculum Development; Developing Nations; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Indigenous Populations; Mythology
Downloads: 21
[texts]ERIC ED366538: Education: The Carrier of Cultural Development. Contribution of Education to Cultural Development. - ERIC
This document examines the role of education in cultural development. Culture itself is difficult to define, but involves behavior that is shared, transmitted, imitated, adapted, and altered within a society. Each social group has a cultural identity--that core of concepts, ideas, values, behavior, and purposes by which members of the group identify themselves and distinguish themselves from other groups...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Enrichment; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Government School Relationship; Groups; Role of Education; Socialization
Downloads: 12
[texts]ERIC ED217437: Is the News about Development All Good? A Content Analysis of Selected Foreign Newspapers. - ERIC
Defining development as a participatory process within a society aimed at creating or maintaining social structures and institutions that allow a society's present and future needs to be met, a study was undertaken to discover what kind of treatment was given to development news by Third World media. Eleven foreign newspapers from a university library were analyzed for content for 1 month. The papers came from a variety of countries, including China, Israel, and Canada, and from five countries i...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Developed Nations; Developing Nations; Development; Journalism; Media Research; News Reporting; Newspapers
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED350569: Women and Literacy Development in the Third World. Papers Presented at an International Seminar on Women and Literacy Development--Constraints and Prospects (Linkoping, Sweden, August 1991). - ERIC
Organized to focus world-wide public attention on the massive gender inequalities in many areas of the world, a seminar entitled "Women and Literacy Development--Constraints and Prospects" was held in Sweden during August 1991. This book presents conference papers by female literacy experts from 12 developing nations (three in Latin America, five in Africa, three in Asia, and one in the South Pacific Region) on the literacy situation for girls and women in their respective countries...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developing Nations; Females; Foreign Countries; Literacy; Sex Bias; Sex Discrimination
Downloads: 22
[texts]ERIC ED380823: The Caribbean Story on CNN World Report: Just What is Development News? - ERIC
While Caribbean countries complained during the 1970s about negative coverage at the hands of Western journalists, scholars have observed that local Caribbean media were not providing adequate news coverage from the region either. A study examined 245 news stories sent by English-speaking Caribbean journalists to CNN World Report over a five-year period (1987-92). First the term "development" was defined as to its scholarly application in this study...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Agenda Setting; Developing Nations; Development Communication; Foreign Countries; News Media; News Reporting; Press Opinion; Television
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED381478: Education for All Summit of Nine High-Population Countries (New Delhi, India, December 12-16, 1993). Panel Proceedings. - ERIC
This collection of panel proceedings is divided into five sections each of which is devoted to one panel. Panel 1 focused on mobilization, people's participation, and decentralization for "Education For All (EFA)." Panel 2 was devoted to external and internal financial resources for EFA (Government of India). Panel 3 was on girls' and women's education, women's empowerment, and population issues. Panel 4 was on education and society...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Basic Education; Developing Nations; Educational Policy; Elementary Education; Females; Foreign Countries; International Cooperation; Overpopulation; Womens Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED268594: A Model of International Communication Media Appraisal: Phase IV, Generalizing the Model to Film. - ERIC
A study tested a causal model of international communication media appraisal using audience evaluations of tests of two films conducted in the Philippines. It was the fourth in a series of tests of the model in both developed and developing countries. In general the model posited determinative relationships between three exogenous variables (editorial tone, communication potential, and utility) and appraisal...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Analysis; Developing Nations; Evaluation Criteria; Films; Information Utilization; Mass Media; Media Research; Models; Perception; Periodicals
[texts]ERIC ED268978: The Applications of Computers in Education in Developing Countries--with Specific Reference to the Cost-Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction. - ERIC
Designed to examine the application and cost-effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) for secondary education in developing countries, this document is divided into eight chapters. A general introduction defines the research problem, describes the research methodology, and provides definitions of key terms used throughout the paper. Chapter 2 discusses the nature of CAI, including its instructional capabilities and its cost-effectiveness...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Computer Assisted Instruction; Cost Effectiveness; Developing Nations; Instructional Effectiveness; Microcomputers; Questionnaires; Secondary Education; Tables (Data); Technological Advancement
[texts]ERIC ED355684: Training of Persons Who Care for Persons with Mental Handicap: An Asian Experience. - ERIC
This report documents the personal views and experiences gained while conducting training courses for caregivers of persons with mental handicap in many countries of Asia. The experiences are presented as an example of what can be done in a situation of limited material resources to improve the lives of people with mental handicap in developing countries. The training approach considers the cultural context of people of Asia, the terminology used for "mental handicap," and the need to have a car...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Attitude Change; Attitudes toward Disabilities; Caregivers; Cultural Influences; Developing Nations; Foreign Countries; Mental Retardation; Teaching Methods; Training Methods
Downloads: 5
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